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Sandy describes herself as a fun-loving spirit with a strong dedication and loyalty to her industry, the firm she works for, and those closest to her.

She was elected by her peers of the Guam Board of Realtors as Realtor of the Year, served for more than 6 years on the University of Guam’s Board of Regents, and has helped feed the island’s hungry for many years. 

Sandy’s family is her soft spot. This includes her husband, Brian (who hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and who still retains a thick southern accent!), her musically talented son, Silas Alexander, and her always giggling daughter, Bella Clotilde.

How Can I Help You?

Sandy grew up in central California until her Chamorro (Guam native) Mother and American father moved her to the beautiful island of Guam when she was a teenager.

With vast experience as a Broker over the past 20 years with commercial developers and military contractors, Sandy is able to locate, negotiate and close transactions that will give investors or buyers the return they are seeking.

Guam has one of the most diverse populations in the world. We enjoy friends and visitors from most places in Asia, yet because we are a territory of the United States, and the most western outpost for the U.S. military, we are home to thousands of military personnel. This multi-ethnic mix gives Guam a wonderful flavor and diversity. Guam is absolutely an interesting place!